Turkey 2005!

We had a really nice Thanksgiving. Celebrated it on Saturday as everybody was working on Thursday. Jeremy made the turkey and stuffing, Vince and I made the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. We invited Kate, Chris and Dakshi and the kids were great and didn’t melt down, even after 2 sugary grape drinks and a can of Coke, Vince did great! Kate brought over some sweet potatoes and I tried to make this classic green bean dish, which I had never heard of, but it involves french-fried onions which I couldn’t find in Singapore.

Today, Jeremy left at about noon to head out to Dresden!

One thought on “Turkey 2005!”

  1. Looks great!. We had nice one too at Washougal home. Daddys’ high school classmate and his wife came to Washougal from Richland and stayed with us until today. We left our home first. Other couple came over to have turkey together. They made sweet potatoes and salmon dips for appetizers. I made sweet rice and Daddy and other guy made salad.

    Next day we went shopping. We bought a king size bed and two chairs from Design Scan. We had two twin mattresses. The salesman told us it will be 5″ short. I am going to by sponges to make a head cushion to fit the gap. Two chairs are made of black leather and very nice one. They can fit for anywhere in the house.

    Ofcouse, I have my nice watch.

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