Weekend Update…

Ah, It was a good weekend. A lot happened.

Thursday was dinner at the Kong’s in East Bay. Mrs. Kong was sexy as ever and served up a mean dish of turkey, ham, and prime rib. yum yum. Linz and I became Sudoku masters, or eternally frustrated by them. Also we sang Karakoe Revolution all night on the PS2 with Hasnain and Zainab.

Friday was prep day for the second day of turkey eating on Sunday at Choon’s. I made an apple pie, tho it turned out to be more orangy tangy that I expected. I think I grated waaaay too much orange rind into the mix. It also didn’t help that I didn’t follow the instructions very well.

Friday night I hung out with James who was visiting from LA. Also hung out with Ronnie’s parents too who were around for the weekend. We went to Kabul’s, and afghan place, where they didn’t fill our water glasses for 30 minutes, they came by with the wrong order, and Ronnie’s mom found a metal shaving in her salad.

Saturday, was Big Date night. I went up to the city to meet up with Winnie, and it went okay. I had fun, tho honestly I think I’m looking for someone different and I’m pretty sure that she’s looking for someone different too. We went to the place called Watercress, and Asian-French fusion place, where the waiters were funny, and teased us a bit. I don’t think Winnie was amused… I thought it was funny. We went to go see “Prime” after that. I had seen it already, but she enjoys chick flicks, and it’s definitely got some funny ass parts in the movie. I like the part when Uma Thurman finds out that her boyfriend lives with his grandparents. 😛

Sunday was cooking day,as we started around 10am. Turkey, mashed potatoes, cornbread, stuffing, apple pie. That was on my plate. Turkey I think we ended up overcooking since the breast was a bit dry. The cornbread just sucked, and read above for the apple pie. Tho everyone loved loved the mashed potatoes and the stuffing. We must have dumped like 2-3 heads worth of garlic into the potatoes. yum yum. I’ll have to save the stuffing recipe too. it turned out really really well. on the whole, I think everyone was pretty impressed with the meal. that’s good cause there was a lot of pressure to make it a good one. 😛

Welp. That’s it. everyone, i got the box of stuff for singapore. i havent’ opened it yet, but I will tomorrow.

good nigth!

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  1. Donald, the chessnuts are for everyone. It is Mom’s new version of dollar business. The only difference is that every four chessnuts are about a dollar. And, believe it or not, she bought four of them. I am going to have an indigestion 🙂

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