24 Hours of Politik


So a bunch of us are doing this 24 Hours of Adrenaline. We mostly work at the shop, so everyone getting the day off on a Saturday to do the race is a reasonable issue. So apparently a deal has been brokered… We’ll get the day off, if we wear our shop’s cycling jersey. But there are a couple issues.

1) who’s paying for the jerseys?
2) who’s paying for the entry fees?
3) the jerseys are butt fugly ugly.

it seems like we’ll be paying for the entry fees, which is a bit unusual for being “sponsored”. I hope to get the jerseys for free, but the owner might make us by them, which I would find to be unreasonable.

of course, one of our guys is making a big hoo ha, out of having to wear the jerseys and pay for the entry fees. so everyone’s got an agenda. ugh.


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