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After a few grumpy blog entries, I wanted this to be a happy, happy one. Mainly to let my parents know that we are still generally happy most of the time. See? In the picture? We’re all happy.

Good news from the medical front, genetic tests were all OK, no apparent DNA screw-up. We have a tentative diagnosis of hypotonia cerebral palsy which basically translates into low-muscle-tone mentally-retarded kid. So, not much information than that, basically, they can’t name it something, so this is what they are calling it.

Vince liked school today, they celebrated Chinese New Year and since it was so stressful for us this weekend, I didn’t have a chance to buy him a super cool Chinese outfit, so he went to school in his uniform and everyone else was all spiffed up. But since they gave out goody bags, Vince basically had milk and candy for lunch. Boy was he on a sugar high today.

We are still planning on coming back in late March, I think we are going to go to the Children’s Hospital in NYC affilitated with Columbia University as Bob and Katherine have an apartment in the city and also it will be the most viable one to go to frequently if necessary from where Jeremy would presumably work in NY.

Good night!

3 thoughts on “Well….”

  1. I love this picture!!! You should photoshop Jeremy and Ruby into it and you’ll have the perfect Xmas card. Alas, I’m always looking for the perfect glue and xmas card picture. Anyway, I love this picture and your blog. You don’t seem so far away. Sheila

  2. Excellent! Happy faces 🙂

    That is a good idea. I heard Columbia University Med school is good. Besides, my good friend’s kid is a medical and computer science (?) professor there. He certain can help to make proper connections.

    We will come and see you folks in March.

    As for treatment, location has no limit. You always can rent a place anywhere where has expertise. Edda has the top priority, the rest we can manage.

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