So as soon as I realized that I’m going to be spending a lot of time in doctor’s offices, I needed to find someone to take care of Vince. Auntie Helen, our neighbor, is so kind to help us out. She actually runs and home-based child care thing-y. She’s raised 4 kids (all grown) and usually has 2 toddlers in her care. She’s going to pick Vince up from school today and look after him until we get home. This is what we packed for lunch today.

Soy milk
PB&J sandwich
Carrot sticks
Gronola bar

It’s a lot, but Vince loves packing lunch.

One thought on “Babysitting.”

  1. mmmm sounds like a yummy lunch. vincie is a lucky one. ive been eating pizza and dumplings 24/7. i need to look into stuff thats green – and not from mold.

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