Vision testing…

OK, so we were in the hospital from 9 am until 1 pm and we got Edda’s vision looked at by the senior doctor in charge of the eye center at the Children’s hospital. Everything is fine, nothing abnormal. So, hearing is fine, vision is fine. Those 2 things check out OK, yah!

There were a lot of people in the waiting room, at some point it seemed as if there were over 150 people waiting, you have patients, siblings, parents all milling about the place and you can see that lots of kids have lots of problems and everyone is dealing with it and is OK. We pretty much saw it all, kids with Downs syndrome, developmental problems, wheelchair-bound, surgeries, etc, etc, etc. It kind of reminds us about problems that everyone has, that not everyone else is perfect and living problem-free lives.

Now our priority is getting Edda into physical/speech and language therapy. The doctor at the clinic is referring us to public physical therapy places, but these places will take 2 months to get through the waiting lists. I’m working connections at the American School to figure out what private programs are available.

Also, on Thursday, we are suppose to talk to the developmental pediatrician who is going to refer us to a neurologist to do an assessment on Edda.

Edda was a trooper today, lots of eye drops and people shining bright lights into her eyes, but hardly any complaining from her. Vince also did great with the babysitter next door, no complaints going home with her and eating lunch at her house.

4 thoughts on “Vision testing…”

  1. I guess it would be a general “low muscle tone” or hypotonia. It makes her floppier than most kids, that’s why she’s having trouble walking.

  2. There is an old Chinese saying “every family has a book consists of difficulty hymns to sing”. Nothing is perfect.

    Eyes are okay, Hearing is okay too. Gradually we can rule out one by one and concentrate what needs to be done.

    She is cue!

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