Cram session.

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It’s like we are studying for the SAT in the Lee-Martin household. Let’s see if Edda can push a button on a Sesame Street toy! Let’s see if Edda can find Peter Rabbit if he’s hidden under a blanket! Let’s see if Edda can walk from one couch to another! Let’s see if Edda will say mama in return for a Cheerio! Let’s face it, would any of you do anything in return for a single Cheerio? I think not.

Actually Edda can do a lot of these things, it’s just unclear to me if she wants to do any of these things. A lot of what the therapists told me involve finding a “motivator”. Much the same way a grown person will toil day and night as a corporate lawyer to get that way cool flat-screen TV, I have to find things that Edda wants to make her do things that I want her to do. I told Jeremy that Edda’s like the Buddha and has transended material wants. She doesn’t really want anything. Only food when she’s hungry, sleep when she’s tired and a clean diaper – and some company – she does get fussy when left in a room by herself. Toys? Not necessary. Treats? Nope. Games? Not that interested. Keeping up with other kids? Not important. She’s the Buddha I’m telling you.

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