Roasted Duck & My Thought

Uncle Louis last night treated us with his roasted duck together with a mixed vegetable plater. They were delicious.

Whole day, we talked about our Lee’s family past and present, including a lot of our family dark side. Well, some of them, you probably know. By looking back, it was dangerous close to total disaster for me. Maybe, Mom unconscientiously helped me a lot. She probably did not realize that. Of course, maybe, it was me. I got to give me some credits 🙂

I think , upstreams are only a couple of inches away along the continental divide (ie., critical moments). But, the downstream outlets are miles apart.

One thought on “Roasted Duck & My Thought”

  1. OK, someday when you are up for it, you have to tell me all the Lee super duper secrets. We all should know. And don’t worry about the total disaster part, I figure we are all only a moment away from total disater. One never know when a car is going to hit you.

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