I can’t leave the house!

Edda is using the little shelf that holds the computer to learn to walk. Today she spent hours just holding on to the shelf and then letting go and shifting her weight from one foot to the other. I figure if I leave the house it’ll be 2 fewer hours of her practicing her balance, so we are stuck at home. Vince played computer games all afternoon and managed to turn our computer screen a rainbow of colors with a magnet he found. Jeremy had to work late today as things are heating up with BIG meeting happening on Friday and projects are coming to a head. We are making an appointment with a speech pathologist at the American School on Monday who will help guide us with the therapy options here in Singapore. We are starting to fill out long paperwork for the therapy place and hopefully we can start that next week. Blah.. I’m tired, but nothing really scheduled for the rest of the week…

2 thoughts on “I can’t leave the house!”

  1. Mom’s sacrifice toward her young ones is one of the greatest gifts that binds us all together.

    It was a great sign that she tried to walk by herself this way. Keep encouraging her in any way that one can imagine and devise.

    The son of my good friend in Las Vegas called yesterday. He was a Harvard graduate and a physician himself. He has contacts with physicians of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. In case of need, he has no problem to help. An option available to us.

  2. Glad to know Edda is learning to walk. Give her time and hope the best.

    We just used car too much at USA. Edda is lucky, her mom is with her all the time. I had to hire a maid to take care of my kids when they were young. However, we were always to have one stay at home with kids during evening hrs or weekends.

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