I had to copy you.

Okay, so I stole one of Doris’ New Year Resolutions – I’m selling something on ebay.

I’m in the middle of reorganizing all my stuff since Choon moved, and I had half my stuff at his place. Now I have all this junk I don’t need or use.

Here is the link to my auction

8 thoughts on “I had to copy you.”

  1. What I think is that, instead of having those junks, if it were invested, the returns would be higher 🙂 No time would spend to store, sort and sell 🙂 In addition, those returns could be re-invested 🙂

  2. mutual withdrawn feedback means if you gave someone a bad review in error. you can’t retract it, but if both people agree to withdraw it, then you can.

    incidentally it cost 55 cents to post my auction, and they charge you 15 cents for every additional picture! amazing! everything is nickelled and dimed.

    Also it’s kinda interesting. You get to see how many people are watching your auction.

  3. Yeah, I did hear about the fees that eBay charges are pretty high. Also, don’t forget about the paypal fees later. So how many people are watching?

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