I hate Conferences

hrm… okay I went up to a conference yesterday, and I know you’re supposed to go around talking to people, sharing ideas and whatever, but I don’t want to do that at all. I’ve got very little interest in it for some reason. Plus i suppose it doesn’t help when I feel like everyone is talking over my head. Talking about random projects or people that I don’t really know very well.

Today we had another day long meeting with santa barbara folks, and I also had very little to add to the conversation. Dunno. I just sit there, half zoning in or out. It’s sorta depressing. I know my boss wants me to be proactive and talk to people, but it doesn’t seem like me.

incidentally, I’ve got a “coffee” date for Thursday night.

2 thoughts on “I hate Conferences”

  1. I agreed with Mom.

    Communication is one of the most important skills that one should have or obtain.

    By just sitting there, nobody knew what you could do. That was always bad for you. Evidently, your boss knew that you could offer some ideas, so she encouraged you to speak out.

    Without participation, there was no gain for you. Maybe, you just missed an opportunity ahead of you.

    Next time, try to jog down a couple of talking lines and practise before meeting. That will definitely help. Or, maybe, take a couple of presentation courses.

    Finally, a personal note. When I was young, my nickname was “monk”. That was because I seldom talked. In short, a loner. Probably, you have a lot of genes. Right now, I am still a loner sometimes, but people just can not tell.

    Practice makes difference.

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