So it’s been a struggle for me today. I’ve been seriously thinking that Edda may never be able to communicate with me in the way that I had imagined when I became a mother. It is a sobering and depressing thought. It’s funny about these mood swings, yesterday I was perfectly fine and OK with the fact that Edda’s going to be different from other kids, today I feel less strong. What happened between yesterday and today? Dunno.

We have an appoinment with a speech pathologist on Monday afternoon at the American School and then an assesment at the therapy place on Friday.

2 thoughts on “Struggles..”

  1. It is quite normal this way. Don’t let it get you. Of course, it is easire “to say” than “to do”. Be optimistic and face the challenges the best way you can.

    There are a lot of instances that make us hopeful for Edda 🙂

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