Stuffing one’s hand in one’s mouth.

As you can kind of tell in Edda’s picture I posted a few days ago, she has started trying to stuff her whole hand into her mouth. I don’t know why this started happening, I figured that her back molars were growing in and that it helped to ease the pain. It makes a big drooly mess, usually slobber covers her whole chin and her shirt. I was pretty sure that she was going to give it up after the teeth came in, but now I’m not sure that it’s going to stop. It’s not really a pretty sight, doesn’t really add to her allure.

Before we went to see the doctor and got Edda diagnosed, I was trying to convince her not to stuff her hand in her mouth, it’s pretty disgusting and a bit germ-y, especially after crawling on the floor. But now that I understand that she doesn’t really understand me as a 21 month-old would so I’m letting it go right now. I think it gives her some comfort and I’m all for making Edda happy these days, so I’m letting her do it for a little while longer, no pestering from me.

While I was dropping Vince off at nursery school this morning, I had Edda in her stroller and another mother looked at her and said, “She’s putting her hand in her mouth.” First of all, it’s hard not to notice someone trying to stuff their whole hand in their mouth and second, I’ve got other things I’m concentrating on this morning, thank you very much.

Donald, a post on the coffee date would be much appreciated. We are all curious…

2 thoughts on “Stuffing one’s hand in one’s mouth.”

  1. I saw Edda’s picture at Noel’s lap top. She looks great and I am sure she is a genius an develope late.

    Teething is always a painful and it is a normal reaction to put her hand into her mouth.

  2. doris, next time tell that other mother to mind her freakin business or stuff her own hand in her mouth. thats the one thing that would annoy me about being a mother – people feeling the urge to tell you about your own child. grrr!

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