Trivial Things…

As requested, here’s the summary…

It went reasonably well. Her name’s Anna. She’s a product manager at a wireless startup. She teaches aerobics on the side. She’s a talker that’s for sure. 😛

We met up at Verdi’s, a bubble tea place in downtown Mountain View. She almost got away with paying. That would have been a bit of an embarassment. We talked a bit about our family’s. Apparently her father is from Penang, and went to the same high school that my friend Choon went to. It’s basically a big frat, with social events all around the world. She’s from Toronto and apparently her father had dragged her to all these high school events. Apparently, at some point, she was trying to find a job in Singapore to improve her Chinese.

Other than that, we commiserated on the fact that all of our friends are married and have mortgages. We had a fairly nerdy conversation about computer games. She found out that I was 29. (She’s 32.) She sounded surprised, tho I can’t imagine that she didn’t know. It’s right up on my friendster profile.

I’m unsure about what’s going to happen now. We had a good talk, but dunno if there’s a lot of chemistry. Then again, Choon thinks this is my problem in that I never think right off the bat that I have chemistry with someone. So I’m thinking at least a second date would be in order.

It’s funny how you have to shift your mode of dating when you get older. It’s less about hanging out with single friends than it it trying to make conversation and figuring out something interesting to do on a date.

anyhow. we’ll see.

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