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We went to Edda’s physical therapy today. I thought it would be an uplifting session, everyone encouraging and optimistic and hopeful – we’d finally start on Edda’s individualized physical / occupational / speech therapy plan. But instead it was kind of depressing. They assessed Edda at about the 9 month-old level and that we’re suppose to start working on the 10 month-old milestones. It’s discouraging that she’s more than a year behind on her development and not yet two. All this stuff that is suppose to come naturally to kids I’m suppose to spend hours teaching Edda. It’s been such a mind warp to think about staying home with the kids full time and enough to think about homeschooling in general, but when you have to teach eye-contact skills for hours, it’s really pretty much a bummer for me!Might as well throw a pity-party for myself – where’s the gin and tonic?

OK these are the things I get to work on this week:

  • Peek-a-boo
  • Take peter rabbit or a favorite toy and she has to look at me first and then I give it to her.
  • Object permanence which means that she has to remember that something is there when she can’t see it. Hide Peter Rabbit under a blanket and ask “Where’s peter?”
  • More physical play, swing her around more.
  • Putting things that she wants out of reach and waiting for her to indicate that she wants them.
  • Getting a push toy to help her walk.
  • Getting her to feed herself more.


One thought on “Therapy.”

  1. Spend more time with Edda, playing and working together, will help her to develop. It certainly will take a lot of your time to do that. But, hopefully, it will be worthwhile.

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