A Bit Sore Today…

Oye, Yesterday was a prep race for Sea Otter and the 24 hour race. I did okay, tho I only had about 2 hours of sleep before the event, and I was mentally out of it, and during the race, I managed to run into a bush. Laff. I was trying to pass someone on the outside, and I mistimed it, and I smacked right into it. Of course, the feller could have moved over to the right a little, and I’d have been okay, but details details. I did pass him about 3 miles later. hahah. so yeah 8 out of 15. not too shabby for this early in the year.

When I got back home I zonked out for an amazing 13 hours of sleep. From 6pm to 7am. oye.

ON a side note, my landlord is not happy with me having my bikes in the house. I guess it was coming anyways. I’m a bit sad to move everything into the garage, because I don’t really trust garages at all to hold expensive bikes, but I’m willing in the name of compromise.

2 thoughts on “A Bit Sore Today…”

  1. Ilike the name of “compermise”. In real life, it is always given and taking. Giving is the first. No giving just taking will not last long.

    Happy Vday. Love, mom

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