Who’s your daddy?

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Here’s another photo of Edda walking. Our standards are pretty low here for “walking”. What you see in the picture is pretty much what you get. She holds onto the table and backs up away from it and stands and shifts weight back and forth between her 2 feet and then walks back to the table. So she’s not really going anywhere, but at least she’s walking.

Today we had a long meeting with the geneticist who advised us to get some more detailed genetic testing done on Edda. It involved getting blood from both Jeremy and me because they have to determine which chromosomes are maternal and which ones are paternal. It was pretty funny because in the consent form, it stated that, in effect, it was a paternity test and that if the results revealed that Jermey wasn’t Edda’s biological dad that they would have to tell him.

So who’s your daddy, Edda?

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