Thank you, my SP!

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So, of course, after I wrote my post about my secret pal, I found in the mailbox today a lovely package! (I must apologize as I haven’t checked the mailbox in over a week – I hope it hadn’t been sitting there too long.)

Look at that sock yarn! Beautiful, I’ve never knitted with Regia before and the color is fantastic. And the edible treats and the bath soap, just perfect.

It’s been crazy around here. But I’m having a dandy time thinking of what I’m going to knit next. SOCKS!

Oh, secret pal, I love red too in my previous blog entry. I’m going to use the red yarn for a lace scarf, but first I had to buy some needles with a pointier tip because the Clover Bamboo ones I have just can’t pick up the laceweight yarn.

Thank you for thinking of me 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thank you, my SP!”

  1. Hello Doris,

    I’m sooooooooo glad you love the colour of the wool 🙂 and I hope this socks will fit well 🙂

    Many Greetings to you and your family

    Your Secret Pal

  2. I’ve eaten all the nutty/crunchy goodness already. Almost all at one sitting, they were that good, yum! My son, on the other hand, tried one and then spit it out and said that he wanted to save it for later.

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