Weekend Update…

As always, it seems like my weekends are packed these days.

Friday night, I went out to Waterdog park with Jason, Don and Brian. I just got my new Light & Motion ARC Li-ion lights. They are pretty much the new high intensty discharge lamps that you get on all the cars nowadays. It’s freakin’ bright. Had one on my helmet and one on the bars. I was going pretty damn fast cause I could like actually see the trail!

Saturday was work day. We’ve finally resolved the whole 24 hour mess. We have the green light to register. Ted’s also going to race for us. It’ll be fun (and lots of suffering). I also went ice skating for the first time since MIT. That was interesting. It’s been awhile since I’ve bladed too, but it wasn’t too bad. Can still skate backwards tho not very elegantly. There, I met one of Rich’s friend’s, Yong who had been going thru a similar career change like myself. He was working at Cingular for like 7 years, and decided to quit. He ended up working for a machine shop, and then over some bogus politico stuff, got canned. Right now he’s getting his teaching degree right now. Also, he’s a good skater since he plays hockey.

Sunday, I went out hiking with Anna. This is offcially our second date I suppose. We went out to the Stanford Dish, to walk along the trails there. It was cool. just a lot of chatting. I think I might be getting into better shape now since I wasn’t really huffing or puffing up the hills. We ended up having brunch at a cafe in California Ave. I paid. 😛 Incidentally, she drives a Bug.

Hrm. This whole dating after all your friends are married or hooked up is really interesting. I’m not sure what to do now. My standard mode of operation is to meet people thru friends – groups of people hanging doing whatever. You get a chance to hang out with them, see them interact with other people, get to see them interact with their friends. Then you can gauge them pretty well, and you get to spend time with them before committing to any action. In the more traditional dating, your personalities sort of exist in a vacuum, and the intention is out on the table there. But I suppose it’s how the world works when you get older. I’ll get used to it.

Of course sunday was super bowl sunday. I went to a church gathering where people didn’t really care very much about the game. Except for John Tang, who has been a die hard Steeler’s fan since childhood. He painted his face Black and Yellow even. Needless to say, he was pretty happy with the result, tho the game wasn’t really that great of a game. The commercials were only OK too.

It’s interesting hanging out in a group that know each other, and you’re the outsider. I notice in these groups that nobody really tries to get to know you at all. No questions are asked about who you are or what you enjoy doing or whatever. it all seems a bit superficial and fake in a way. Kind of sad I think for a group that supposedly touts openess, exchange and all that stuff.

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  1. this is mom again,

    This time we mwt uncle Louis. He said “it is noit easy to be single”. He try to tell this to his nephew and nieces. Daddy said “it is not easy to be married”. Then, uncle Louis said ” you are all made” to your daddy.

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