Whatever. I’m a bit pissed off at people here. Right now our tech effort is pretty much a sham. I understand that Stanford’s a jolly place to work that’s not a lot of high stress or whatever. We can smile and laugh and be happy with each other, but in the end, we’ll have crappy ass code to show for it.

People want this system to be well respected and trusted to hold their most valuble data and yet it seems like nobody wants to even write test cases for their code. We make guidelines that are so vague that it doesn’t help us out, and we pat people on the back and say “well done!”. It’s maddening.

We have a chance to make something really really good. exceptionally good. We have a chance to define everything. Software stacks, methodologies, architecture. And yet people are half assing it.

I definitely like the lifestyle of working at here, but it seriously makes me question whether I can stay here long term or not.

2 thoughts on “Blah.”

  1. Well, it is fairly normal not every one agrees with each other. As a fact of matter, there are a lot of people that can’t agree with each other, all the time. That is why our President can be elected with only 40+% of the votes. And if he gets 40% favorable rating in the poll, he is considered a good President just “at that moment”.

    Besides get discouraged, just pause and think. How one can persuade people? At least, persuade them not be part of the obstacles of one’s ideas. That needs a lot of ground work and, unfortunately, technical know-how is the not one of them. It has very little influence on the outcome.

    I wish we can dig deeper into this. Take it as a training ground for one’s own growth. Everyone needs this training ground to sharpen their skills. The skills are indispensible when needed in the future.

    Any job has many sides, good, bad and ugly. The one utilizes the opportunities associated with any job in front of him more, the better one can prevail.

    love always

  2. Donald, this is Mom. I guess I can write some comments here.

    Your feeling is not an isolated case. I think every one who has good ideas always is a minority. Look at the history, when people said that the earth is circling around the sun, the establishment were so mad and put them in jail. Any new ideas always have opposition. That is life. Standford is a much better place to work. Other places could be worse. How to sell your idea is an art? You can learn how to sell your ideas. That is why so many people to have their own companys and be their own boss. But it is harder work. Work at university has much freedom. You can take some courses you like. You can put your ideas on paper for publication.

    Changing jobs will not changing any condition. Politics are everywhere and it is part of life. That is my one-cent comment.

    I was watching soap opera and have not checked blog for a week. Sorry about that. Love, mom

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