I’m Tired

Well 70 miles yesterday on the bike. I basically did 4 out and back loops. 1) Palo Alto – Woodside 2) Palo Alto – Portola Valley, 3) Palo Alto – San Mateo, 4) Palo Alto – Cupertino. The last 10 miles I was just mentally drained and I was going about half speed. Also on the Portola Valley loop, I was riding that with Don, Ray, Ky and Mike, and we totally got dumped on. I mean super dumped on. Rain lately has been a lot like in Singapore. It’ll rain/hail really really freakin’ hard for about 15 minutes, and then clear up. Oh yeah forgot to mention that the snow line on Saturday night was something like 43 ft. 😛

Other than that, today I rode in really slowly also. Just using this as a recovery day.

Friday night, Frank and I went to Fry’s to buy a copy of Starcraft. This game was released in 1998, and is arguably the best real time strategy game that has ever been made. Since they are still selling it at Fry’s for $20 tells you something about the game 8 years later.

Saturday night was poker night, and it went pretty well. I got second place tho I totally didn’t deserve it. I went in against gary a huge underdog. KK vs K6 with no help on the flop. I needed 2 running 6’s and I got them. Wow. that’s probably been the worst suck out in our short tournament history. I think I’m going to start trying to webcam the event when it’s down to the top 2 or 3. it’s way too boring for people just sitting around. i need to work out the logistics some more.

okay. back to work, or really lunch now.

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