Last weekend starting Friday night, we went to a Japanese Steak house in Augusta for dinner. Saturday morning, we typed all checks and credit card bills into spread sheets and be prepared for our Tax returns. The biggest expense was air plane tickets last year. Second was for food and drug. In the afternoon, we did some shoppping and I bought a very nice piece of cloth made of 100% silk and a skirt. Both were on sale with 75% off. I watched Doris’ tape “Ga Thun Jin” in the evening. I am in second disc now. It was very interesting. I cooked a small turkey for super.

First thing in Sunday morinng was to do the laundry. Since we do not have washer and dryer at our apartment, we have to go to the laundry mate. It is quite expensive. It costed me $11 for three washing loads and two drying loads. Since we are here temporary, it does not make any sense to rent or buy a pair of washer and dryer.

In the afternoon, we did grocery shopping. This time, we went to Publix instead of Wal-Mart. The place was much cleaner.

Evening, I watched more tapes and Daddy went to gym. I was doing my execises when I was watching the tape.

2 thoughts on “Weekend”

  1. I’m glad you are enjoying the DVDs. We haven’t been watching the 2nd season as regularly, so you will soon catch up to us. Isn’t it cool that it’s about cooking?

  2. I have another set of this DVD with about 20 discs which one of my friend let me use it. Those Korean Ladies worked very hard. Talking about Korean ladies, your first baby sitter was a Korean. Her husband was a JHU graduate student. I had to go to school for few hrs to discuss with my advisor and to finish my disertation. So she helped to take care of you for a couple of hrs a day. She kept you so clean and played with you all the time.

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