The Sound of Music.

Yes, I know other kids like Finding Nemo or Monsters, Inc, but not Vince. Today he watched the whole three hours of The Sound of Music. He loves the part where Maria goes to Capt. Von Trapp’s house in Salzburg and while she’s waiting to meet the captain, she wanders off into an empty ballroom and pretends to bow to music. Then the captain comes into the ballroom, slams the door and said that, “While you are in this household, please remember there are certain rooms that are not to be disturbed, is that clear?” He thought that part was a little scary, so he covered Edda’s eyes. He also did hide when Rolf, the evil Nazi, is searching for them with a gun on the roof of the abby, by that time Edda wasn’t watching TV anymore, she was looking for some other form of entertainment.

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