Weekend Update…

This weekend was all biking for me.

Friday night was our usual group ride at Waterdog. We went out hard for the hour and a half that we were out there. We tried to time trial up the fire road which is uphill, but at a fairly shallow incline. I did pretty well i think. When I reached the top tho, a cop was there sitting in his car and he turned on his flood lights at me. He was a pretty cool guy and didn’t give us a ticket or anything. Apparently someone had called in thinking there was a truck driving around in the park, but it was just our hella bright lights. 😛 He chit chatted with us for awhile about racing the 24 hour race and took off.

After the ride I went over to Lynn’s who was having one of her many dinner parties. I think she was trying to set me up with some Singaporian girl. We also ended up playing poker for push ups again.

Saturday was a busy day. I rode into work for the first time since I’ve been in San Jose. Saturday was the first nice non-rain Saturday in a long time. I had a customer come in to buy a bike, but his wife gave him a 3000 dollar spending limit. Of course the bike he wanted was 3400. He had to call her once again. I’m not sure what happened, but he ended up buying the bike. He cursed me out a bit when I told him that we charged 15 bucks for a computer install. i was like, dude, you don’t have to buy the bike.

Saturday night was Arif and Tahera night. We ate at Darda, a muslim chinese restaurant and went to play pool afterwards. They are a fun bunch.

Sunday was riding once again. Jason and Don and I went down to Laguna Seca and tried the new and improved course for Sea Otter. It’s a tough course. The first part is flat and wide open, and then it turns into this steep loose section, then becomes all sandy and crap. it’s going to be hard – harder than previous years.

Other than that it looks like the next 3 weekends are all going to be riding. Next week is the CCCX race and we’ll pre-ride sea otter again. Next weekend is when Ted is comign up and we’ll ride the 24 hour course. Then, the weekend after that is Sea Otter itself. i hope i’ll be in shape for it. I’m a bit worried about Ted. I think he’s going to seriously bonk for the 24 hour race. I’d like him to do well of course, since it’ll reflect badly on me if he doesn’t, but he just doesn’t seem to want to get on his bike at all. Strange.

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