Huge Conversation with Donald Last Night

Yesterday, when Jeremy called from the taxi cab on the way home, I was having a huge conversation with Donald. It probably covered more ground than all these years’ combined. I was glad that we found a meaningful time to exchange our views without getting excited.

Well, first and foremost, just would like to let you know that Mom and Dad did all they could to raise their kids. It was, of course, far from perfet and we knew that. But, all we can say is that we had good intention in our hearts. We are proud of you, no matter what, and love you always.

We all are different due to different environments that brought us up. But, that does not mean, we should not just sit there and listen to the other side with grace whether it is deem interesting or not. People just can not agree with each other all the time, especially for the close ones.

I have not spent any finite moment with you talking about me, especially, about my childhood. Basically, I would like to insulate you from that. Or, more precisely, I would like to just forget about the whole thing. Thinking back, that is probably my fault. That periods of my life were very colorful, sometime not too pleasant to say the least. But, it was very rewarding also, once I got out of the hole all by myself. However, I believe, it did mold me into what I am right now. Without knowing that part of history, complete views of your Dad were incomplete. Especially, what was and is in your Dad’s head.

Well, “now is the future” according coach Allen of Washington Redskins in the 80s. Let us move forward to the best we can together. And again, Mom and Dad love you always 🙂


Note: oday (4/22) is your Mom and Dad 39th year dating anniversary, I bought a lovely pot of orchid and two bags of Hersey’s extra Dark Chocolate to celebrate. The only fool thing about this is I didn’t know that orcid is made of plastic. I thought it is real. Mom is teasing me 🙂

4 thoughts on “Huge Conversation with Donald Last Night”

  1. I do not agree the “Far from perfect”. I did my best to be a full time mother at that circumstances while being a full time career woman also.

  2. Well, I think you guys did a fine job raising me. I have no complaints about my childhood which is a great accomplishment in my book based on the crappy childhood you had, Dad.

  3. Doris & Donald, Mom & Dad sometimes have different views than yours. That were just our honest opinions without spinning. Sometimes, our presentation was off. But, that was just that. Of course, we do care about things, especially yours :), all the time.

  4. In general, the generation gap is always there, not oly in Chinese Americans, in India Americans but also in Americans. We have quite few good friends who are Americans and India Americans. Since we all went through great difficulties such as hungers, diseases, great despression, so on the so forth. We are having similar ideas, values and standards.

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