Well, it’s started. Found out on Saturday night that P’ng and Judy are pregnant – well really only Judy is pregnant. But yeah, They are expecting in October and are in the midst of upgrading their kitchen to full IKEAness and P’ng is also interviewing for faculty positions all over the place.

It’s pretty much the first couple in our group of friends to expect children. It’s sorta been the first good piece of news in awhile. Right now, I’m sorta not really sure about having kids. well, obviously I’d have to find someone first, but barring that, you know, kids are a lot of work and maybe I’m too selfish for it. But P’ng and Judy’s news, sorta made be backpedal a bit from that position. I’m fairly optimistic about the world, and in some weird way, I feel a sense of duty to bring someone into the world that could possible be an asset to this place.

of course, this feeling could pass tomorrow, but it’s cool news nevertheless.

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