2 thoughts on “Well, we are back in one piece.”

  1. Yeah! I’m so glad you’re back. No offense to Donald or your parents (I enjoy the honesty and voyerism) but this blog just isn’t the same without you! You look so beautiful with Edda on the beach. Ben’s new gal is quite fetching as well. Those Martin boys have great taste in women! Jeremy and Vince look so dapper in the bow ties. Did Emily go to Perto Rico too? Life in Austin is good. It has stayed cool for several days nowwith big thunder storms. Perfect to sit and read a book. Josh scored 3rd place in a city wide, private school math competition so he’s the alternate. He’s(or rather we) are off to Dallas in a week for the statewide competition. Jojo is at the vet to the tune of $800, so far. Keep your fingers crossed on him. He’s pretty sick. The sink is clogged and can’t be fixed for two days. Totally disgusting. I mean gross. The washer overflowed all over the garage floor. I can’t use it for several days either. Darn — looks like paper plates and no clothes washing around here for me for a few days. Life keeps moving forward. Your blog was a life saver. It just made me smile and smile. Love, Sheila

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