I hate to drive, but I love my car.

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When I moved to Singapore, I was sure I wasn’t going to get a car. We live about 2 feet away from the subway and a cabs are cheap and everywhere. I never took cabs during rush hour or from downtown at midnight on Saturday, so I never had any problem calling a cab and waiting 5 minutes until one showed up at my door, ready to take me to my destination. I also dislike driving and I like the idea of mass transport.

The first 6 months in Singapore, I took the subway everywhere with the kids and it was OK. It took a long time, but Vince and Edda seemed to like it. Then when Edda had to start going to therapy (about 15 minutes away from home by car – 45 minutes by MRT) I started taking cab rides. Now that Edda’s going to school and I have to drive during rush hour to get everyone to school on time, we are getting a car. We’ve rented a car for a few days before we commit to a year-long contract.

I went out for the first time today to do the school run. I’m driving on the wrong side of the road – that is to say the left and I’m sitting on the right side of the car. Freaky.

2 thoughts on “I hate to drive, but I love my car.”

  1. That is a car we just rented for the day, a Toyota Vios (two steps below a Corolla). Now that Doris is convinced, we need to get a longer term rental. I hate to say it, but it looks likely to be a Toyota again. Have a look at this way cool mini(by US standards)-MPV the Toyota (oh no) Picnic

    The coolest family car in Singapore is definitely the Japanese model Odyssey, but for US$1500/month versus < US$1000/month for the Picnic, we are going with the Toyota. http://www.toyotasingapore.com.sg/showroom/picnic/index.html

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