Race Report (Short)

Woo hoo!

We did it! 25 laps in 24 hours. Well technically 24:56, since the you have an extra hour to complete the last lap. Enough for 2nd place in our age group!

I did 6 laps, 60 miles, in an average of 52.5 minutes. I did the first lap, with a 600m run, in 57 minutes. My second lap was the fastest lap posted by my team at 50 minutes. and all the rest of my lap came in at 52 minutes. I was really stoked since those last 4 laps only had an hour separating the first 2 and the last 2 and also my night laps were as fast as my day laps.

Ted did really well too, grunting out 5 laps. he did it in 1:02, 1:01, 1:5 (at night), 1:08 (at night), and 1:23. The 1:23 lap he had a flat and was really really lucky. He was the last person out on the course, and the second to last people stopped to help him change his flat for him. Otherwise he wouldn’t have made the cutoff. He came in 3 minutes before the cutoff time of 11am.

Otherwise, i think our team did pretty well. We were expecting 21-22 laps and an average of 1:05. we got 25 and averaged just a hair under and hour per lap. We lost 2 people at the end tho. Josh blew up and was done after his fourth lap. Jason’s knee was feeling weird and he was done after 5. Don did really well, and grunted out a 5th lap that we needed badly.

So yeah like i said, 2nd place in the 149 and below age group!. of course there were only 3 teams in our age group, but we would have placed 8th out of 22 in the age group above us.

I’m tired, but not too tired right now. I stayed up for all of it and then some for a total of 30 hours of being awake. I feel asleep around 2ish, got up to eat for about 2 hours and went back to bed. for a total of about 15 hours of sleep. I’m feeling pretty good, tho i’m jonesin’ for some pizza right about now.

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