Mango? Papaya? Vince’s head?

Jeremy tells me that he has an admirer at work. Apparently, the
lady who prepares the fruit at the cafeteria has a “thing”
for Jeremy. She’ll see him walk up to the counter and she’ll ignore
the ten people waiting in line to serve Jeremy first. Everyday,
Jeremy always gets a mango and a papaya. Today, the fruit lady saw
him coming and even though there were 10 plates of sliced papaya out
on the counter, she told Jeremy to wait and she ran to the fridge to
get a special papaya. “The best one!” she said. I
asked Jeremy if he was the only white guy who got fruit and if that
was why he got preferential treatment. Jeremy replied that he was her
best customer (he goes everyday and gets the most expensive fruits)
and that’s why she likes him.
I’m glad that Edda’s in school these days while Vince is out on
break. I don’t often get to spend time with just him. Today we went
to the science museum (again! Didnt’ we just go yesterday?) to play
in the newly opened water park. Yesterday we didn’t bring our suits
because we didn’t know about it. Today we were prepared. The little
boy at the bottom of the picture was a little troublesome for Vince,
just your regular playground/waterpark politics, nothing too serious.

Oh yes, I also cut off Vince’s head and served it with some fruit.

5 thoughts on “Mango? Papaya? Vince’s head?”

  1. Ok, that is a bit freaky! LOL!

    I am putting together a little package…thinking small and light! I need to find a nice card to include, and maybe something sweet that travels well.

    I hope to get it out before Friday. I will let you know the day it gets sent!

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