Not too bad.

Okay, dinner at P’ng and Judy’s went about as well as could expected. Jocelyn was there of course, and our interaction was kept at a minimum. I feel good about it. I didn’t freak out or anything and kept a level head. Maybe a bit too excited at times, but possibly nothing out of the ordinary. Anywyas, yeah.

Also, I’m beginning to think that my camera is not as sharp as the on that you have Doris. I don’t know why. Night shots in particular are very very soft. sigh. Do I really have to get an SLR now?

2 thoughts on “Not too bad.”

  1. Sorry about the camera. I’m not sure why some are sharper than others. I’m also sorry about calling, I’ve been busy in the mornings, will call soon.

  2. Yeah, weird. I dunno. maybe they changed something. who knows? It’s actually reallly good in the day time still…

    no worries about the calling. I figure you guys are out and about. whenever.

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