OK, OK, the last one about the car. Maybe.

B.C. (before car), I hated taking extra taxi rides because each
time you took a ride, it was 10 – 15 dollars each way. Did I
really want to do whatever stupid thing I wanted to do and then tack
another 30 dollars onto to price tag? Usually not. But now that I’ve
spent all that money upfront, we are driving all over the lovely
island of Singapore without any thought to additional cost. It’s like
it’s free, but it’s not really. So what did we do on our first full
day of having a car? Well the first thing we did was go through a
McDonald’s drive-thru:

Then we took Ruby to the dog park. She has been desperate for
doggie companionship for a whole freaking year and she did great! Not
too much barking at other dogs. Lots of butt sniffing and tail
wagging and running, running, running.

We got gas. A full tank was:
gas prices

Then we went to the zoo where Edda managed to catch a kangaroo.
Also at the zoo, Vince found a friend that he held hands with for
a good part of the afternoon. Something has really happened to Vince
in the past 2 weeks or so. He has finally figured it out. For the
first year we were here, where ever we went, Vince would just have
the hardest time getting any kid to say anything to him. He’d say hi,
he’d try to get involved with their games, he tried to fit in.
Nothing worked, the kids would all ignore him and go play with other
people. It made me quite sad because he had so many friends in the
States, I despaired that Singapore was going to be a lonely by
comparison. Now we are still going to the same places, seeing the
same people and he’s able to make friends quickly and in almost every
public situation. I don’t know what he’s doing differently, but it’s
working. It’s great!

Then we went to the grocery store where we bought every damn heavy
thing we ever wanted. Mainly lots of bottled water and laundry

A wonderful day!

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  1. Wow! having a car really makes life wonderful. Dogs happy! Children playing together! Large supermarket Goodies! _McDonald’s_!

    oh, btw, excellent photoshop job with the gas prices.

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