The pancake saga continues.

So I got the pancake story all wrong. I was asleep! Remember Vince
wanted 3 pancakes just like the picture on the box? And then I was
confused because it looked like 4 pancakes to me? Well, he wasn’t
looking at the front of the box, he was looking at the instructions
on the back of the box and they clearly state:

So today Jeremy made:

And Vince was:

(He still didn’t eat all the pancakes, he ate about half without
whining which I consider a good thing).
Vince planned our weekend for us. We asked him what he wanted to
do and he said today I want to go to IKEA for lunch and then tomorrow
I want to go to the zoo. So today we went to IKEA via the free IKEA
bus shuttle from the Woodlands MRT stop. They decorated the inside of
the bus to look like the inside of IKEA. Pretty nifty. Vince played
in the ball room a.k.a. the petri dish because you can just imagine
all the bacteria and viruses just kicking back and having the time of
their lives just jumping from one kid to the other spreading their
ilk all over Singapore from this one room.


While Vince played, Edda was on the lookout for new bedroom
furniture and the theme was PINK PINK PINK!

It was a good adventure, the last adventure on a bus because (da
da da tum!) we are now the proud renters of a Toyota Picnic! (Car
pictures tomorrow!)

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