Congratulations Xin and Shwe!

Well, exciting day, as Xin and Shwe tied the civil knot of marriage in a lovely Half Moon Bay! (Their real wedding will be in India in November.) The exciting thing was that I finally got to sign my first offical marriage license today, since, after all, I am a minister of the Universal Life Church.

This was my second time as officiant, and since it was a small group of friends, and Shwe and Xin are/were pretty secretive about how they got together, We all told stories about the first time we suspected that something was up. It was a very fun exchange, and embarrassing mostly for Shwe, since he doesn’t like to talk about this sort of lovey-dovey stuff.

We also went to the tide pools in Half Moon Bay, where we ran into my ex-gf Jocelyn, and her new-to-me bf, Mike. That was interesting, considering that I’m not talking to her right now, and don’t really want to talk to her. Of course, she sorta forced herself upon me as usual. Whatever.

The rest of the day was lovely. We had a wonderful italian dinner, where the actual license was signed. Also we checked out the Ritz-Carlton in HMB situated on the lovely coast. I scouted out the spa, since I believe it’s a potential place for the spa day that Joy owes me and Fenney for getting married first of the 3 of us! hahah. not too bad. It’s $150-200 for the standard massages and treatments. I’m going to enjoy that!

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  1. So cute and beautiful. Hey, massages are great. Emy and I try to get one together whenever we are on vacation. So far it’s been in France and Puerto Rico.

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