Swimming starts today

Weather was a bit cool this time of the year in SC. It is getting warmmer and hotter now. This morning, the temperature in office was in the 90’s since they turned off the air during weekend to save the energy.

I tested the water last night, it was ok to swim. After super, I swimed 300 strokes and daddy was walking along the pool to watch me just in case. I was the only one in the pool. Normally, I do 500 strokes. Today, I did only 300. I will give myself a week to catch up.

Apartment living is not that bad except I miss my garden. We did lots of work in the garden last couple time when we were at home. We planted a rose and a dark red peonis. The white peonis are doing well. All most all plants and flowers survied without proper care in the past four years. Our pessiman (?) tree has lost of fruits this year. We had just two last year. Our fig tree will have fruits too this year.

I also planted two cherry tomato plants and some bitter mallon plants. My friend Mrs. Ling helped me to water them when it is too dry.

Life in Aiken is peacefull and routine. We learned to down load Chinese songs from Yahoo China. There are many old song which I like.

Our friend has lung cancer has a wonderful response of his new treatment. His tumors are disapearing gradually. That was a good news.

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