Yeehaw! It’s the weekend!

Well, I’ve been moping around for a few days. There are many
reasons, but the one reason that frustrates me the most as I am
typing this blog entry is the fact that my computer is infected with
various viruses and spywear because I have not been vigilant. Jeremy
ran something or other to clean up my disk and they found 53 things
to kill off, but these things can’t be killed off so easily. So
everything is running veeeerrrryyy slowly and so it’s a pain to get
caught up on all the important celebrity gossip. Might just have to

We went and picked up Jeremy from his work because it’s the
weekend (yah!) and went to Causeway point to a Korean BBQ place.

I left Edda’s school uniform on all day because I was lazy.


How dirty can one white shirt get?

One thought on “Yeehaw! It’s the weekend!”

  1. She looks PERFECT. A shirt on a child should be dirty after school. It means they had a good day and that you are a good parent. Re:slow computers just try imagine living when you got your news the old way via pony express. Here’s all the news you need. Bush is still an idiot. Love, Sheila

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