Well, nothing like having two sick kids at home, watching TV all
day and surfing the Internet to make one feel like a bit of a loser
trapped in the house. I remember when I was little and had the cold
or the flu, it was great to bring all the blankets down from the
bedroom and set up on the couch and veg in front of the TV all day. I
fondly remember watching The Price is Right. So that’s what we did
today – except for the Price is Right, we didn’t watch that.
But we did set up a sick bed on the living room couch and hung out
there all day.

Even Ruby got in on the act.
Maybe she wants some sympathy as well. Or maybe she’s offering to
take care of the kids while I take the afternoon off to go to the
spa. Hmmm… I wish…
Oh yes, and since we don’t have a TV (American Idol? Huh?), we
watched DVDs on the computer until 10:30 am when Vince broke the DVD
player on our ancient desktop by forcing it open and close a
bazillion times (whoops!) and then there was no more Dora the
Explorer or Bob the Builder or Wiggles. He promptly called Jeremy at
work and told him that he needed to buy a DVD player as soon as
possible. And when Jeremy got home, he asked where the replacement
was because he thinks that Jeremy makes computers at his work which
is almost right, but not really.
On the subject of illness, we had purchased a very fancy
(otherwise known as expensive) thermometer that you stick in your ear
and takes a temperature in about 10 seconds and gives a digital
readout. Very handy for measuring temperatures of sick squirmy kids,
otherwise you have to do the temperature “in the butt” as
Vince calls it which is not fun or attractive for anyone involved.
Well, it’s lost and I spent a lot of time looking for it. I even
asked Rukia, our housekeeper, if she knew where it was because she
knows the organization of this house better than I do. But it is
nowhere to be found and I want to get another one, but I know as soon
as I buy it, I will find the first one. Argh….
By the end of the day, we were all getting grumpy at each other –
a bad case of HAG (House Aided Grumpyness), so Vince and Jeremy made

The consumed amount was, Doris and Jeremy – 4 cookies each,
Vince – 1 cookie, Edda – 1 bite. The rest quickly given
away to our neighbor.

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