Driving woes.

I’ve been driving for a bit now, and I find the road manners to be almost equivalent of my experience riding the public transport. Everything seems orderly and mannerly at first, there are lots of clear announcements and everything runs on time and is very clean and efficient. However, unless there is a police officer or metal bars that are exactly one person wide, everyone will just push and shove to get on the train first. I have had people close doors in front of me while I’m carrying Edda and leading Vince while holding a half gallon of milk. I’ve had people close elevator doors in front of my face. There is a word for this, kiasu!

The thing about driving in Singapore that irks me the most is this:


I’m merging on to the freeway and the person behind me is also merging onto the same freeway. He/she will merge first and then accelerate into the lane, thus preventing me from merging onto the freeway because he/she is pretty much right next to me as my merging lane ends. Sigh. What can you do?

Of couse, after I wrote about how we are all in the groove, Edda’s caught a little cough, which was not bad enough to keep her home from school, but bad enough to have her wake up a bunch at night, so we all are working on a bit less sleep. That is, except for Vince, who sleeps like a rock and then is much too much energetic for his sleep deprived parents and sister.

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