Tired of our car already.

I picked Jeremy up from work today with the kids loaded in the back seat. On the way home, we had this conversation.

Vince: “I don’t like this car anymore.”
Jeremy: “Oh really, what don’t you like about it?”
Vince: “I’m just tired of it.”
Jeremy: “So what kind of car would you like to have instead?”
Vince: “A Lexus.”


Doris: “Well you’ll have to get a job and save up for that because I don’t think we’ll be getting a Lexus anytime soon.”
Vince: “But I don’t have a job and I don’t know how to drive.”

On another subject, we finished the jar of peanut butter recently and I always laugh when Ruby tries to get every last bit out of the jar.


6 thoughts on “Tired of our car already.”

  1. that is HILARIOUS.

    vincie wants a lexus. man on man.

    i saw my dad last nite. he told me about my moms time in singapore. i wish i could have been there too! i WILL make it one of these days!

  2. Well, Vince is right now in the stage that we call a “Eyes High, Hands Low” guy. Hopefully, he will change to a “Eyes and Hands All High”

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