It’s a Bad Day When,,,,

– You have to bike to work in 95 degree weather cause your car is broken
– You hit a car on the way to work. (I nudged it. nothing serious)
– You get to work and find out you forgot your underwear
– Find out that the tape system you were planning on using is even more complicated and headache fill than you originally thought.
– You find out that the Stanford Bookstore doesn’t sell boxer shorts.
– And the zipper is broken on the beloved day pack that your sister and brother-in-law bought you a long long time ago.

In other good news however. It’s Arif’s birthday (Friday) and we went the Planet Granite where we took a lesson. It was nice. I think I might have to pick up climbing…hrm

5 thoughts on “It’s a Bad Day When,,,,”

  1. Oh I’m bummed to hear about the pack.. When did we give it to you? Years and years ago…

    Your underwear story had me laughing so hard. Sorry you had to go commando to work. Vince loves to go commando!

  2. Take a deep breath. Things are gettting better. Having nice weekend.

    Take Standford Bus to work if your car has not fixed.

    Take care.

  3. Take a deep breathe. Things are getting better. Have a nice weekend.

    Take Standford bus to work if your car has not yet fixed.

    Take care.

  4. I like to copy whatever Vince loves to do! 😛 haha. actually the backpack is okay. I managed to save it… I think you guyes got it for me in 1999 i believe.

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