Prata shop off NUS campus

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This is the cheese prata shop that is right near Edda’s school. I go here almost everyday to eat breakfast. I thought it wasn’t anything special until I read the Makansutra, the Singapore guide to good eating, that it’s one of the top prata shops in Singapore! And now I’m a regular! Recently, there was an article in the newspaper about the “Prata Millionaires” – the owners of a few prata shops around the island who have made a fortune selling these little flat pancakes with curry sauce. After coming to this shop for about 2 months, I’ve finally met my “Prata Millionaire”, he was in the shop this morning while Vince was watching the Rugrats on a TV brought in to show the World Cup – although not at 9:30 am. He and I discussed children and their love of cartoons.

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