Off to the airport.

Katherine left yesterday for Hong Kong. I had read on the airport website that there were nature trails and playgrounds in Terminal 1 where Katherine’s flight was going to leave from, but all the attractions were located inside security, but you could see them from the non-secure part. Vince wanted to purchase a flight so we could go inside, but we didn’t do that. The playground was a McDonald’s playground and the nature trail was a glorified smoking area, so I don’t think we missed much.

We got Edda’s blood drawn to ship to Texas. We arranged it through the Children’s Hospital here. We got our geneticist to come in first thing Monday morning to look through the paperwork and also we got the head of the lab to come and personally take the blood samples for labeling for the courier, we even got the tracking number for Fed Ex and everything. The paperwork from Columbia was full of errors, our mailing address was wrong, Jeremy’s ethnicity was wrong and they indicated the wrong test! So we went through everything carefully and corrected all the paperwork and then sent it off. We needed to wait to do it early in the week because they didn’t want the sample traveling to the US over the weekend or to get to Texas on Friday. But Jeremy reports that Edda’s blood is on a van heading to the hospital as I type this…

Hmmm, what else is going on? Not much.

3 thoughts on “Off to the airport.”

  1. Doris- Is there anything we can do from this end re: Edda’s test? I’d be happy to drive to Houston or Dallas or wherever if needed. Love, Sheila

  2. Hi Sheila,
    Thanks for offering to help, but hopefully this time, nothing will be screwed up so no driving to Houston.. If we need anything, we’ll let you know. Also, no tokens from the World Cup, Jeremy was already on the plane when you asked! Sorry…

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