Jeremy’s home!

Well Jeremy came home with a surprise for Vince:

His first “adult” legos. Hmmm, I sense we are entering a new era.

Jeremy brought me back this interesting-looking thing from Johanna:

It’s a banana guard! Any sized banana will fit into it and I can stuff it in a diaper bag without getting it all squashed! Pretty clever…

Today, during our Sunday date, Katherine, Jeremy and I went to a really good vegetarian restaurant and ate fake meat. They did a really nice job of it for both texture and taste (fish and pork). Then we tried to go hiking, but it was pouring rain, so we went to the Bukit Timah Nature and hung around their visitor center which was just filled with monkeys trying to steal food from hikers lunches. We even saw a couple of mother monkeys with babies clutching onto their tummies by grabbing onto their fur. We tried to take pictures, but they were very fast and it was a bit dark and they were about 10 feet away which means they were pretty close, but not close enough to get a good photo.

2 thoughts on “Jeremy’s home!”

  1. Joshua’s comment re: LEGO was “cool it’s a Ferrari” Life will never be the same. The banana thing is really weird. Love, Sheila

  2. The Ferrari set is very cool…I think my son has collected all of them over the years.

    While I don’t eat bananas, the banana guard is about the coolest thing. My kids love them, and putting them in lunch bags for camp is always a crap shoot.


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