Peanut butter and mustard sandwiches.

Edda came home with a bunch of crafts today – a pink pig mask, a hat made from a bowl and construction paper and a horse made from Styrofoam cups. It’s so cute to have these little art projects in my house that are from Edda even though I know she didn’t really do most of it. I know that the teachers patiently take Edda’s hand and dip it into paint and smear it all around so that she’ll have a chance to touch the different textures and then they take the time to carefully cut out all the eyeholes and the teeth and do all the gluing and then carefully put it into bags for us to take home. It’s really sweet and I can’t believe I get so emotional over random pieces of kid art.

Edda slept so well this afternoon, I thought something was wrong with her. Usually she startles awake pretty easily, but she was asleep when it was time for therapy and I practically buckled her into her car seat asleep. But she’s her regular self now, so I guess she was just really tired. I even had a chance to take a picture, she looks like she did when she was an infant.


Vince made peanut butter and mustard sandwiches for dessert. He was very proud of them, but thankfully, he forgot to make us eat them. After he went to bed, we noticed that the bread was also moldy. Not the best dessert ever.


2 thoughts on “Peanut butter and mustard sandwiches.”

  1. Those kids are SO CUTE! Especially little sleeping Edda. Like a sweet little angel. I’d just want to kiss their smushy little faces all the time. Okay that is a bit much. But they really are cute. i just had a idea. If he is still there, can you email Jeremy and ask him to buy Scott some kind of cool World Cup T-Shirt if it is easy. He’s totally into it. We watch it on the Mexican channel since we don’t have cable which is good for Joshua. Give Kiki our love. We miss you.
    Love, Sheila

  2. We went back to MD last weekend and came back today and went to office after dropped off our Chinese groceries to our apartment. It is very hard to get Chinese vegitable here in Aiken. Glad to see Katherline on the blog. Katherline, you are looking very good. I am sure that it is good feeling to stay with grand children. Both Vince and Edda are so lovely.

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