Pooping in the bushes.

Well, no photos of the kids today, somehow the camera stayed in my
purse all day. So I’m posting a picture of my sock pal Nancy’s feet
wearing the socks I knit for her. She sent a very kind email to me
thanking me for the socks which was much appreciated because I think
I underperformed. I ordered the yarn online and I thought the colors
were a little bit more subtle than they turned out, also I’m not such
a talanted knitter that I can say that there were no issues with
handiwork, but I did come through in the end and complete the pair.
So there.

We went on our Sunday afternoon date again, it’s very nice to have
a few hours during the day without dragging the kids along. We just
got some coffee and ate lunch at a restaurant without the
whining/crying and ordering of the blandest/whitest food on the menu
and then browsed some shops. Nothing very exciting by anyone else’s
standards, but exciting enough for us. At some point, I asked Jeremy
for permission to use the potty because it usually has a hidden
meaning of, “Can I leave you a moment with two unpredictable
kids by yourself so I can pee?” But then I realized that I
didn’t have to ask for permission, because, hey! No kids! and I just
got up to find the toilet.
After dinner, we went to the park where there was one little boy
wearing no pants, which was a little strange but OK. But then later
I saw his mother holding him in the air so he could shit in the
bushes. I saw the little turds leave his butt and fall into the
bushes next to the sand pit. I’ve seen little boys/girls peeing in public before, but never before the poop. There are signs all over the park
telling one to pick up after their dogs, but nothing about picking up
after shitting kids. Hmmm, what’s also strange is that the bathrooms
were about 100 feet away from the bush!

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