Cat (food) burgler.

Jeremy leaves for Germany tonight. He was sweet enough to book the
midnight flight out of Singapore so he could be home for dinner and
help put the kids to bed. I just hope for a week when no one gets
sick! He also stayed home today to prepare which allowed me to sneak
a few hours out by myself this afternoon to hang and chat with Kate
at her house which was fabulous because 1) I love hanging and
chatting (especially if it’s Kate), it really is the best thing to do
and I do so little of it with anyone else besides Jeremy and 2) it
will be 24/7 with the kids for a while.
Today, Edda started summer school which is 2 hours long instead of
the regular 3. As Vince and I walked out of her school to go eat our
daily prata, I noticed a few signs posted at in front of different
shops, each one saying:

I was confused. Do people throw away cat food on the sidewalk? I
had never seen any cat food anywhere around Edda’s school. I just
thought it was a funny sign, so I took a picture of it. I am strange
this way. But then, 6 hours later, on the way home from my friend’s
house, miles away from where I took the picture of the sign, I see

Look! Right beneath these bikes, I cute little pile of cat food!
Ahhh, the cat food litterer must be traveling fast!

One thought on “Cat (food) burgler.”

  1. Jeremy, having a nice trip. Doris, Keep routing and order. Do things steady and give yourself plenty of time. Go with kids’ schedule.

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