Same old, same old.

Things are groovin’ here at the Lee-Martin household in Singapore. Everyone is back on their regular schedule, so there is nothing really exciting to report – nothing exciting to blog about. We are just living our lives out, each day the same as the other. OK – we’ve only had 2 days that are the same. But, but, but, I take what I can get.

I think I’m gaining weight. I really like my weight now, I’m the same weight I was when I started college. I feel good at this weight, like I’m not carrying around extra stuff and at the same time, not putting a huge effort to control my food intake.

Now that Jeremy and I are getting more comfortable with Edda’s situation, we’ve been indulging in extra calories. It always happens this way, when we are stressed, the pounds are shed. When we are happy, we get fat. There has been a steady stream of desserts after dinner (usually ice cream) and cookies in the house. Usually, I don’t allow such luxuries in the house as I know I will eat them, but Edda’s school and therapists want Edda to practice eating cookies so there are extra cookies around the house. Edda eats very few of them, we eat most of them.

Did you know that British for cookie is biscuit? Everyone was telling me to buy biscuits for Edda and I would walk up and down the grocery isles looking for bland biscuits when what they wanted was a good ol’ Oreo or Chips Ahoy… Have they managed to get rid of the trans-fats yet?

5 thoughts on “Same old, same old.”

  1. I am the opposite and tend to eat junk when I get stressed.

    But the same old thing can be good for the soul. Too much stress…is obviously a bad thing.

    I have a question, do you like lace knitting/shawls? I have an idea, but don’t want to send something completely un-interesting to you! LOL!


  2. Down here in Texas we eat biscuits for breakfast! It is hot here we are headed to Colorado for the 4th of July.
    Love, Sheila

  3. “Routine” is good, biologically speaking. When both you and Donald were very young, one of us stayed home all the time. We were always the first to leave the party and made sure be home before bedtime. We did not go to movies for more than two years after Donald was born util my parent came to help us for a few months.

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