Same Old

Well, first off, Mom and Pop, do you know a Wu Long San from Tai Da, class of 65? mech e? I just found out that I know his son. Do you guys know him? Apparently he remembers you both – or at least your names.

I have to say, i bought a nice jacket. On sale at Sports basement. One of Ray’s friends scored a shopping party there – free beer and 20% off everything in the store. I got this jacket for $55 bucks, and I’ve gotten 3 complements on it so far. Too bad it’s still like way too hot to wear it, but whatever. it hasnt’ stopped me. 😛

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3 thoughts on “Same Old”

  1. Yes, of course, you can ask him to come over for dinner Saturday night. Of course, first you need to check Lee Pei to see her can accommodate one more. I guess everyone in our class would like to see him also. Say hello to him and his Dad for us.

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