Weekend Update…

Sorta a busy weekend.

Friday night was games night at my place. Everyone came over and we played Taboo, Mah-Jong and Go. People were really excited about playing Go for some reason. They also sampled some of my cheesecake as it was Ghim-Hong’s birthday and he requested that it be made.

Saturday was working at the shop and they handed out an employee manual which doesn’t allow blogging about work. 😛 ha Saturday nigth was nap time since games night didn’t end until 3am.

Sunday was Father’s Day. Lindsay had a BBQ up at her house in Castro Valley. I biked up there for the hell of it. Of course Linz lives on the top of a fairly large hill. I’m glad I rode up it once at least. We ended up watchin the Mavericks vs the Heat and again, played mah-jong till the break of dawn (10pm).

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