Well, let’s drag the whole family into it.

This is the last week of summer vacation for Vince. He’s decided to attend Edda’s school, he calmly told me that as soon as I put Edda down to wander around her classroom.

I felt that since now I have 2 kids in Ms. Eden’s class, one of which is a freeloader, I should do my parental duty and help out. None of the kids in Ms. Eden’s class are really capable of following complex verbal instructions, so helping out is generally needed and appreciated. This is how I found myself at 10:30 in the morning knee deep in green fingerpaint. Argh! I swore to myself when I became a mother that I would not become a room mother and hover around my children’s classroom. Oh well, I should just never say never, because as soon as you say never, you just end up doing whatever it is that you said you were never going to do.

But, just for now, I’m doing what I thought I’d never be doing and I’m fingerpainting with a bunch of little kids. I even wore new pants to school today and I promptly got both curry sauce and paint on them within 2 hours of putting them on.

I hate crafts that involve paint and I hate having the kids doing painting at home because it makes a terrible mess and I hate having to watch them like a hawk so that the paint doesn’t get on the walls and sofas. Ms. Eden laughed and said that I have “sensory issues” (lots of autistic kids hate getting their hands dirty because they have “sensory issues”) and practically made me dip my hands into a bucket of gross finger paint. Bleh!

2 thoughts on “Well, let’s drag the whole family into it.”

  1. Green is your color honey. Enjoy the young room mom stuff. There is less and less to do as they get into higher grades. Plus, I know that in the integrated childhood classroom I substitute in we LOVE parents like you. You’re a nice parent. I decided I like to fingerpaint now but draw the line with bad kid movies and try very hard to avoid the indoor field trips. Try this with Vincent. Joshua loves it. Take a picture. Take mentos candy and drop into a large bottle of diet soda like pepsi or coke. QUICKLY step back. It shoots straight into the air. A raincoat and umbrella are recommended. Very cool!!! These are the kinds of things I do in my free time now. Sheila

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